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I am in the mood to ask you all some questions. 
I am interested in hearing everyones opinions, and/or stories...

Id love if everyone got involved, and had a great time remembering 
past events or speaking up about certain issues. 
So everyday that I log onto Journal Space 
(which I promise will be more often since I am officially on vacaTION!), 
I will ask a question, answer it, and await your responses, answers, opinions, or whatever else.


So Im going to start off relatively easy and ask you this:

What is your favorite place to shop online??

I know that a lot of people are going to say Ebay.com! Id like to hear about other places too.

I for one really enjoy Etsy.com it is the home for handmade goods! 
Everyone there really Appreciates how much work is put into making something. 
And nothing there is mass produced so when I shop there, 
I dont feel as if what I am buying is a copy of a copy of a copy and is in thusands of homes...

I also like Amazon.com too. 
I couldn't tell you how many wonderful things ive found there. 
I don't think I would go anywhere else for books. 
I buy all of my CDs there because I like having an ACTUAL CD y'know? 
But when I dont need a CD and I just wanna hear the music I buy and download them from itunes=]

What about you?? Do you shop online?

(Extra: Im sure some of you are sceptical about the quality of the products and goods sold online. 
With places like ebay you have to be careful, because you can easily be douped into 
spending your money on something and not getting what you thougth you paid for. 
But there are a lot of trusted sites that give you exactly what you want, 
at the price you want, and some stores have websites with discounts, 
downloadable coupons and a mess of other great deals(www.bn.com)! 
Just incase you didnt know)

I can't belive I am almost 20

Where did all the time go?
I seriously remember being a freshman in High School.
feeling like I was dying in a hot band suit during a parade.
looking like a fat fool dancing for the Guard.
wanting to be an actor.

I remember meeting my new friends, 
and hanging out with them during lunch.
Going to the mall, or the movies, or sleeping over somewhere.
I remember the first time I skipped school, 
the first time I drove my moms car w/o permission,
the first time I sang in public.

I remember sneaking out at night to drive around at 3am,
or to sneak into the pool area and just chill on the beach chairs.

I remember passing notes during class,
and trying not to laugh out loud at the silly drawings 
sos not to get in trouble.
I remember sitting outside of the drama room everyday,
eating a cup of noodles and singing, or taking pictures.

I remember having conversations with friends,
and talking about the most random things.
I remember slaving over the sets on stage, 
and getting paint all over our clothes
(that still hasnt washed out by the way)

I remember birthday parties,
prank phone calls,
watching stupid videos online,
eating queish (sp?),
making jokes,
and just havin fun,
even if we didnt do anything...

...and I miss it

Where the hell did all the time go?

Yes we have freedom of speach...

...but that doesnt mean you need to be hurtful, offensive, or ignorant about things.

Why is everyone so bent on making other people feel like they are the scummiest piece of dirt on the ground?

Why can't people express themselves inteligently, or civily?

You can be passionate about how you feel about something without cursing 
and being rude and uncaring about the other side...

I dunno if any of this makes sense, but Im starting to get really bothered by the way 
people treat their fellow humans...

Youtube is the number one example of how disturbed people are, and how they would rather 
focus on something so miniscule such as the way someone looks rather than the subject at hand....

I think that I was pretty anti-social in High School, 
and when I think about it, I still am to some degree.

I am starting to regret it now though. Myspace is slowly making me 
realize how many friends I actually DONT have.

I have a lot of people added on my account, but I know that they could care less about me. 
I dont even think that I could say that 10 of the 200+ people I have added even know my number. 
None of them know anything about me, and none of them care to ask.

I want to change this, but I dont know how. It was easy for people to hate me in school
and they didnt even know me.

They just knew me as, that girl in band, or Brandis friend...

And I dont think I like that very much. I think that is why I left the band in 10th grade. 
But then again, it was also because of the people. 
I wasnt that great of a player, and thats all that mattered in band, having fun, and being talented
And I fufilled none of those, and the same goes for when I was in Winter Guard, Drama, and the Choir.

Its so funny to me, how I was a part of so much in school, 
and have nothing to show for it, no friends, no rewards, nothing....

Instead, im tortured with memories of High School. 
I felt like I was in a lonely bubble for all 4 years, and everyone around me just went along with their lives. 

Then I say to myself
"BUT I WAS THERE! So why am I not in any pictures?" 
Ha... I didnt even take a senior picture for the Year Book, 
and I know that no one has noticed. I didnt feel like I was a part of my school, 
and I think that's why I just wanted to quit everything. 
It didnt matter how much I loved to play my french horn, 
it didnt matter how much I loved to sing, and act, and be a part of something.

So excuse me for sounding EMO, but I think I hate myself....

Going to High School has ruined my life, 
and now Im in college and I feel so little, 
I feel as if I was a flower de-rooted before its prime, 
and now Im a seed again.... 

*sigh* Im just glad Id never kill myself, but even if I did, who would notice?


Dont ever read beauty magazines.
They will just make you feel ugly...

Hey look Ive got a new default pic!
Im tired of hiding, and being scared of myself,
as well as what other people think of me.
It all doesnt matter to me anymore...

Looks shouldnt matter in the end,
we all get old anyway.
Well unless we die young, I suppose

Im gonna be the sexiest wrinkly old woman EVER!
So just prepare yourself for it,

Anyway, Ive been joining a few commmunities around here on LiveJournal
They are mostly groups for the crafts that I do,
I joined one thata is for people in Leon County (Tallahassee)

I think Ill go check my mail today.
I bought a movie for my mom, for mothers day,
and I told her that she would get it late,
She told me that it doesnt really matter,
that it's better late than never.
So then I bought her another one since she is so nice about it.
I got her Music and Lyrics with Drew & Hugh (lol, thats funny)
and I forget the other one lol.

Im SOO going to watch them first haha.

So thats about it for me today.
Besides discovering that Corn Dogs are the BEEZ KNEES!

Bye Guys =]

Oh no!!

I was trying to sign up for this website where they would pay me to blog, but my blog had been REJECTED!!!

I suck at life *cries*

They say that I have to have at least 30 posts from the last 90 days.

Well I just looked at my calender and it says that I only have 8, so guess what?
Im going to make 22 more posts within the next week.

Do you think I can manage it??

Gawd, I sure hope so, because I really need some extra cash lol.

So let the countdown begin! Mwahaha! (This is post number NINE)

Peace people! (Ill probably post a new entry in oh... 10 min?)lol


I like you.
But I think youre really lame.
For being how old you are and not having a job.
Whats worse is that you dont even have any plan.
I know that your mom died, and I feel really bad about that,
but you were a lamer long before your mom ever got sick.

You say you like me,
and you have a "dream" with me,
but is that enough??
Maybe for you,
but oh no, I need something R E A L
I cant go around chasing a dream anymore...

Dreaming is for failures...
Action is for winners, or at least failures who tried...

Im rambling arent I??

*sigh* I really do like you, even if I dont act like it....
But I dont know if you are right for me sometimes...
Why do you have to be so old outside, and so young inside...
Cant you just turn inside out, and be perfect for me?
Why do you like me?